The Key Point of Prosthesis -Socket

Prosthesis is an artificial device that replaces amputee’s missing body part. Although amputees may have different requirements for their prosthesis , there is one important thing that we cannot ignore – in prosthesis socket is the only part to directly contact with amputee.

Just like fabricating a denture, a well-molded denture can improve patient’s chewing ability and make patient feel painless when he/she is chewing food. By contrary, improper denture will affect patient’s chewing ability and cause gum inflammation and gingival recession. Even wearing diamond denture, if denture is not fit for gum, it is difficult for patient to chew food. Similarly, socket is important to amputee. Socket has to bear amputee’s weight. If socket is not molded well, the force applying on socket cannot be distributed. This not only makes stump hurt but also influence amputee’s mobility. Without well-molded socket, even wearing the prosthesis equipped with light carbon fiber or titanium prosthetic parts and high quality foot, amputee still cannot experience its outstanding performance.

Therefore, CPO (Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist) is indispensable to amputees.Socket manufacturing skill is associated with professional training and CPO’s experience. Before considering which kinds of prostheses are suitable, amputee should find an experienced CPO to help him/her fabricate a socket fit to his/her stump. Without a good socket, prosthesis cannot show its value.



  1. In addition to socket, the silicone worn on stumpcannot be ignored. When amputees wear our Custom-silicones, they will not feel hot and humid. Furthermore, Custom-silicone can reduce the friction between stump and socket when amputees are walking. These advantages will make amputee walk more comfortably.


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