With rapid industrialization, the mobility and the work tempo of modern man has greatly increased. Accidents and diseases that maim have correspondingly grown in number. Although modern medicine has made it possible for many lives to be saved, amputation of part or even all of a limb is sometimes necessary. The rehabilitation of the maimed and handicapped is now an important social task set before us. 

Thanks to the advances in prosthetic science, most people, who have unfortunate lost a limb or limbs, need no longer be confined to a wheel-chair With the help of reliable prosthetic equipment and sound technical assistance, patients can quickly regain their ambulatory and other functions.

However, the choice of the prosthesis and its fitting must be done with greatest care, for once it is worn by the patient, it will be both physically and psychologically regarded by him as an actual part of his body. Therefore, the quality of the prosthetic product is of utmost importance. As a prosthetic engineer, I have always insisted on the best for my patients-"IT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH IF IS NOT THE BEST1" To this end, I have never stopped my effort to polish and improve my technical expertise. First, I went to Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A., to study the theory and practice of physical rehabilitation. Then after serveral years, I again went back to school, this time to West Germany at the OTTO BOCK plant, the world's largest manufacturer of prosthetic equipment.

Today, I am proud to announce that we offer a complete series of the best German and American prosthetic equipment and the best technical service. We do it "ALL FOR OUR FRIEND WHO HAVE STUMBLED IN LIFE,SO TO SPEAK;WE'LL HELP YOU GET BACK ON YOUR FEET."

Rancho Los Amigos Hospital Ampuputee Center.
Duke University Medical Center. Prosthetics.
Duke University Medical Center. Orthotics.
Otto Bock, West Germany.
German System Prosthetics.

Mr. Johnson Yeh
Takes part in international seminars on prosthetic to bring the latest product and technological development.

Northwestern University, 

University of California, Los Angeles

Rancho Los Amigos Hospital Amputee Center, 

Otto Bock, north American division,

Mr. Steven Yen
Takes part in international seminars on prosthetic to bring the latest product and technological development.

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